Joss Stone deported from Iran

Joss Stone was on his 200 stop “total world tour” and the last country where she need to go was Iran. But she was denied to entry there. In fact, she was detained and after that deported. She said that she didn’t have any idea that she can have solo concert there as a woman.

Situation was like that because authorities did not believe that they would not play in public show. So like that they put them on the blacklist. But they say that they have a conversation with most friendly, charming and welcoming people in immigration. Then they made the decision where they will stay for the night and in the morning they will be deported.

Joss said that she was sad and gutted specifically when she was so close, but still so far. Kish Island is in the Gulf of the southern Iranian coast and this it the only place in Iran where everyone can come without a visa. And after all she said that officials at the island's airport said to her that she goes in Iranian embassy in the UK so that there she can fix out everything and then she could come back.

There was some speculation that she was arrested. But this information was denied form police where they said that this information isn’t true and that they only deported her in line with travel regulations. Earlier in this week Stone said that she was in Yemen, and this place is devastated by a war. In this case, she had permission to sing in front women's and mans by the governor of al-Mahra province.

In his 198 stop she visit Tripoli where we can said that the war is still active. But this is the fight between UN backed Libyan government against forces loyal to General Khalifa Haftar. Stone is traveling all around the world since 2014. when she said that she will visit every county in the world.